Bordering the Wiri Business District are schools and residential areas that are integral to the Wiri Business District.  Recognising this the WBA will:

●    Continue the year 8 scholarship with Wiri Central School.  This scholarship was created to help students develop a work ethic.  One student, not necessarily the best student but the student that tries hard, turns up every day and involved in other extracurricular activities, receives a grant towards their high school uniform.

●    Work with local schools and educational groups to assist with youth employment.  This involves taking students, who are unsure about their vocational future, to local Wiri businesses for one-hour visits.  To date this has yielded several apprenticeships/cadetships.

●    Continue to be an integral part of the Manurewa Crime and Safety Forum, working with local police, community patrols and local residential groups in identifying and solving local safety issues.

Future Workforce

The Wiri Business Association is working in numerous ways to ensure the future work force has the skills, ability and the right attitude to be productive members of staff, or business owners.

By working with the young people of the surrounding community, the Wiri Business Association can develop students’ work ethics and skills to provide employable staff.


The association can also help develop perceptive business owners to reduce the likelihood of struggling businesses in the future.


With high school careers programmes aimed at moving students into university, students not wanting or able to go to university miss out on relevant careers advice.

With the need for tradespeople rapidly growing, the association is working with the Manurewa Local Board and Alfriston College to create a Work It programme, aimed at giving students real employment experience.

Under the programme, students get the opportunity to experience what an engineer, logistics manager or plumber for example, does each day. With this sort of insight into a career, young people can make more informed choices and better decisions on courses that will help them in their chosen career.

Wiri Business Association recently teamed up with Alfriston College to create opportunities for students to experience work in the real world. This project is currently in pilot phase and has been strongly supported by our local businesses.

If you would like to support this programme, please contact us.

99% CLUB

When the association talked with businesses about the key skills they look for in staff, 99 per cent indicated that they wanted employment applicants to be work ready. That is, having a good work ethic or the understanding of commitment to their work.

Based on this, the association created a scholarship programme at Wiri Central School called the 99% Club for year 8 students. If students take time off through the year they drop out of the club.


At the end of the school year, the remaining members of the club (those who have attended school for 99 per cent of the year) are treated to a special event. One student from this group is selected to receive a scholarship to cover the cost of their high school uniform to the value of $700.

The scholarship is presented to the student who has demonstrated commitment and dedication to achieving their best.

“Congratulations to Tamaaro Pareanga...our 2019 Attitude & Effort Scholarship winner who started Aorere College in 2020. Tu meke Tamaaro - we are so proud of you!
Blessed to be able to sponsor the full cost of your school uniform and give you the best start possible. We think your beautiful smile says it all. Look out world, here he comes!!”

Tamaaro Pareanga