Graffiti Removal

Collaboration with the Manukau Beautification Charitable Trust (MBCT) has almost eradicated graffiti within the current Wiri Business Association area. MCBT have a comprehensive record of all tags and file any unknown tags with the police.

The association’s contract with MBCT ensures removal of all reported graffiti that is visible from the road within 24 hours of being reported by our WBA office.

Our contract requires MBCT paints out graffiti with any colour they have in their vehicles. Where a building is painted in corporate colours, the association’s contract states that if the tenant stocks the paint, the MBCT will supply the labour to remove the graffiti.




Changes to the council rubbish collections are thought to be contributing to growing illegal dumping of household items in commercial and industrial areas. When a member of the public reports rubbish dumping it can take up to 21 days for the rubbish to be collected.

The association has worked closely with local councillors to achieve a faster seven to 10-day collection rate. The aim is to further reduce that to three working days.

In 2015, the Wiri Business Association reported more than 300 cases of illegal dumping within its current boundaries.



and Street clean ups.

In addition to the usual environmental activities the WBA will start new initiatives focussed on footpath improvements and street clean ups.


The WBA working with Wiri businesses and the Wiri Central School will assist to develop and participate in Puhinui Stream clean-ups, including helping to educate businesses and residents alike on recycling, clean water and other environmental issues.