The Wiri Business Association was established in May 2006 with the mission to ‘promote and maintain a secure and successful environment in Wiri’. This was not long after the Women’s Prison opened which attracted a notable increase in anti-social behaviour in the region.


We experienced a spike in break-ins, burglaries, graffiti and groups of youths wandering through properties. The opening provided the catalyst for the concept of the Wiri region networking and business opportunities to finally become a reality.


Our Network

There are over 700 businesses operating in the district and our association currently supports over 1300 members, including importers, wholesalers, builders and joiners, light and heavy engineering, resource recovery operators, carriers, warehousing, tour companies, manufacturers, food manufacturers and retailers, laboratories and the Ports of Auckland (Wiri). 

Businesses differ in size from sole operators to those employing in excess of 150 staff.

The Wiri Business Association provides resources, support and events to assist local businesses in creating a safe, positive and prosperous environment which not only attracts but also retains business in the area.