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Global Financial Services

28E Lambie Dr Airport Oaks,
Auckland 2104
New Zealand


phone: 09 255 5500

mobile: 0277555520

Open Days: Monday to Monday

Open Hours: 2019-12-14 17:54 to 2019-12-14 17:54


Global Financial Services is one of leading mortgage broker agencies in Auckland, New Zealand. We are a highly respected, trusted and awarded agency. We have been helping kiwi families to reach their dreams for 20+ years.

Scale & Size

We have arranged over $6.5 billion of mortgages and over $3 billion in personal risk insurance cover since our inception. Every year we cater to over 1,500 customers for their mortgage or insurance needs so that they can meet their financial goals.

Our Services:

  1. Mortgages for First Home Buyer
  2. Mortgage Restructuring
  3. Mortgage Refinancing 4. Business & Commercial Loans
  4. Construction Loans 6. Property Investment
  5. Debt Consolidation 8. Trauma Insurance
  6. Total & Permanent Disability Insurance 10. Mortgage Protection Insurance
  7. Medical Insurance 12. Life Insurance
  8. Income Protection Insurance


Our Achievements:  

– We arranged over $5 billion of housing, business and commercial loans since our beginning.

– We have over 90% approval rate.

– Our interest saver plans ensure thousands of dollars of interest stays in our customer’s back pocket and helps to make them debt free faster according to their capacity.

– We already arranged over $2.5 Billion of life and personal risks insurance cover so far.

– We have 100% success rate to date in setting insurance claims in case of unfortunate death or terminal illness.


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