In 2006, security and safety were the primary reasons for establishing the Wiri Business Association – with every business ranking it as one of their top three concerns.

At that time, our member area was averaging three burglaries a week. To combat the growing problem, the association tested several initiatives and found a combination of tactics that worked.

The association has implemented a proactive crime reduction strategy in three key areas:

According to New Zealand Police statistics, in 2015 the Wiri Business Association area had achieved an average 70 per cent reduction in crime compared to the expansion area.

Statistics show burglaries in our member area now average less than one every six weeks.

Security Patrol Car

Security Patrols

Our contracted security partner, Conroy Security (formerly Barcon Security), has a dedicated patrol car in our area from 6pm until 6am for rapid response to any problems. They conduct 6 x 1 hour random patrols seven nights per week.

The security patrolmen identify and address all potential criminal risk situations. They check and report on building security and report any open windows, doors and gates to the association. Where possible they secure the vulnerable building. It is the association’s policy to move on all potentially risky people as soon as patrols identify them.

The association management notifies the relevant business of the problem raised by security, and works with them to mitigate risk.

The association sends out regular security email updates, with up-to-the-minute security alerts, to keep members informed on what’s happening right now in the area.

Grafitti Cleanup

Collaboration with the Manukau Beautification Charitable Trust (MBCT) has almost eradicated graffiti within the current Wiri Business Association area. MCBT have a comprehensive record of all tags and file any unknown tags with the police.

The association’s contract with MBCT ensures removal of all reported graffiti that is visible from the road within 24 hours of being reported by our WBA office.

Our contract requires MBCT paints out graffiti with any colour they have in their vehicles. Where a building is painted in corporate colours, the association’s contract states that if the tenant stocks the paint, the MBCT will supply the labour to remove the graffiti.

Rubbish Removal

Changes to the council rubbish collections are thought to be contributing to growing illegal dumping of household items in commercial and industrial areas. When a member of the public reports rubbish dumping it can take up to 21 days for the rubbish to be collected.

The association has worked closely with local councillors to achieve a faster seven to 10-day collection rate. The aim is to further reduce that to three working days.

In 2015, the Wiri Business Association reported more than 300 cases of illegal dumping within its current boundaries.

Our security partner, Conroy Security (formerly Barcon Security), work 24/7 to help us manage our crime prevention initiatives. Eradicating crime is a top priority for us, and for this we need your help.

Make sure our Wiri office and Conroy Security have your latest key contact details and know of any staff changes.

If you don’t report it – we can’t stop it…

Report Crime

Conroy Patrol

027 551 8946

WBA Office

09 262 0804

NZ Police

111 emergency

Community placemaking is…

‘Community placemaking refers to communities engaging in shaping the look, function and feel of the places in which they live. It covers a wide range of activities that improve the look and feel of places and build a sense of community, local pride, identity and connection.’

Auckland Council 2015

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)

CPTED is defined as a multi-disciplinary approach to deterring criminal behaviour through environmental design. CPTED strategies rely upon the ability to influence offender decisions that precede criminal acts by affecting the built, social and administrative environment.

Police and placemaking specialists all agree that cleaner and more presentable areas experience a direct reduction in crime. Wiri Business Association work proactively to reduce crime in the Wiri area through improved CPTED.


‘The concept that crime and fear of crime can be minimised through effective planning and design in our built environment. This approach involves designing to reduce the opportunity for crime to occur and to enhance urban safety and, more specifically, perceptions of personal safety.’

New Zealand Police 2005