The Wiri Business Association acts as a central business hub for the region.

As a business hub, the association regularly connects and introduces businesses. As initial point of call for many enquirers, the association can network business opportunities and connect the right people with the right people. The association acts as a help desk, solving problems for members and pointing them in the right direction to find what they are looking for, or get the solutions they need.

Occasionally, the association is asked to negotiate and secure agreements on behalf of clients, or source potential partners. The association maintains a database of members and associate members, available through the website. This database is regularly updated, making it the most current starting point to encourage businesses to buy local.

Connecting Business

The Wiri Business Association and the Manurewa Local Board acted as a conduit for SecureFuture (the public private partner of Kohuora Auckland South Corrections Facility, Wiri men’s prison) in finding subcontractors. From the $250,000,000 build, approximately $34,000,000 was spent with businesses within a 10 kilometre radius.

Security Patrol Car

Networking and Events

Wiri Business Association runs several events each year, which includes a mix of breakfasts and after-five functions. Some are purely networking opportunities, while others upskill business owners, employers and key stakeholders. There is a large variety of guest speakers and all events are open to all association members and their senior staff.

Many of these events are hosted in conjunction with our surrounding Business Associations. This gives Wiri businesses the opportunity to connect with a wider range of organisations and business people in southern Auckland.

For 2019, the association is planning numerous events and if there is a guest speaker or a subject that you feel businesses would be interested in, please contact us.

Training and Development

Wiri Business Association partner with trusted providers to offer training and development for our members. These opportunities range from paid subsidised courses such as First Aid and Health and Safety, through to free compliance and regulatory change updates.

We have a range of workshops and training scheduled for 2019 including financial workshops with a chartered accountancy firm on areas such as cashflow, succession planning, and organisational reviews. We welcome ideas from members for topics they would like to learn more about. Please contact us.

Strategic Partnerships

Building strategic partnerships to benefit our region is a key part of what the Wiri Business Association does. 

A significant partnership is with the five other commercial/industrial BIDs working together on submissions on the Unitary and Auckland Plans, Psychoactive Substances Management, the Industrial Precinct Plan. This partnership incorporates approximately 50 per cent of all commercial/industrial land in Auckland.

We advocate on your behalf to Auckland Council, Local Boards, Central Government and influencing decision makers to ensure the best outcome for our members.

We proactively foster any partnerships that will deliver benefit to our members.