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Wiri Means Business

Our Vision

‘Delivering Excellent Service to Business in Wiri’

Our Network

There are over 700 businesses operating in the district and our association currently supports over 1300 members, including importers, wholesalers, builders and joiners, light and heavy engineering, resource recovery operators, carriers, warehousing, tour companies, manufacturers, food manufacturers and retailers, laboratories and the Ports of Auckland (Wiri). Businesses differ in size from sole operators to those employing in excess of 150 staff.

Being part of Wiri

The Wiri Business Association provides resources, support and events to assist local businesses in creating a safe, positive and prosperous environment which not only attracts but also retains business in the area.

We encourage businesses from all industries to attend an event or meeting to learn about the benefits of being a part of your local business community and to join us in working towards making Wiri an even better place to do business.

Contact our office to find out more using the link below.

Our Team

Audrey Williams
Association General Manager

Audrey has been with the Wiri Business Association for the past decade. Initially her role was very part-time, only requiring 10 hours per week. Back then, Wiri businesses occupied 102 hectares and included about 300 members, now it covers 680 hectares and there are approximately 1300 members! In the early years, there was one event plus the AGM per year. Now we have at least one event plus workshops, seminars and business showcases per month! Now in 2020, Audrey would like to see the crime rates continue to reduce (Wiri now has some of the lowest crime rates in a commercial/industrial area in Auckland). The association achieves this through an aggressive crime prevention program which includes two security patrol cars in the Wiri area between 6pm and 6am seven days a week, daytime security alerts, and a graffiti management and collection of illegally dumped rubbish removal programme using Auckland Council and the Manukau Beautification Charitable Trust. This year the association will also start its CCTV project installing cameras and recording equipment. This system will be one that future boards and staff can grow by adding more cameras to each year.

When people ask Audrey what she does for a job, she laughs and tells them she has over 1,200 bosses that she helps in any way possible to develop their businesses or develop the Wiri area. From event management through to advocacy for the area, she works closely with Auckland Council, Auckland Transport and the Manurewa and Otara-Papatoetoe Local Boards.

Our new Strategic Plan 2019-24 will bring even more focus on Association members, their needs and assisting them in any way possible. If Audrey missed you when she called in to see your business, please ring her for a chat.

Association Executive Board

Ben Robinson – Chair

Ben is a Director of CML, a Wiri based construction company that specialises in commercial building modification, repair and maintenance projects.  

Ben started his career as an engineer with Telecom New Zealand (now Spark).  He subsequently worked in the UK telecommunications, banking and government sectors involved in the management and governance of large scale IT projects.  Returning to New Zealand he joined the executive team at Paymark for a number of years before leaving the corporate world to seek more entrepreneurial opportunities that led him to taking over CML.  CML’s work includes modifying South Auckland schools to assist kids with special needs.

Ben is passionate about ensuring that the Wiri Business Association delivers tangible value to its members.  With the Manukau Council being absorbed into Auckland, Ben sees an increasing role of the Wiri Business Association to ensure that South Auckland property and business owners are still heard at Council level.

Outside of work Ben has been a volunteer youth counsellor and is a keen outdoors person.  Ben lives with his wife and two children in South Auckland.

Sandra Bates
Envelope World – SECRETARY/HR

Sandra is one of the newest members to the Executive Board, joining in October 2018. Together with her husband she owns and operates Envelope World, a small but well-established family business in Wiri. Since 1985 the business has grown from offset press printing in their garage, to the full manufacturing and printing of specialty stationery products at their commercial site on Hobill Avenue.


One of only two businesses left of its kind left in Australasia, Sandra believes the challenges faced along the way have provided a unique view of the unpredictable business market place in New Zealand, Auckland, and Manukau. That combined with her experience in team customer service management roles within the freight and building industries sees her well-placed to identify with and serve members of the Wiri business community.


Possessing a strong affiliation to South Auckland having grown up in the area, Sandra feels deeply that security and welfare are principal rights of businesses, their workforces and property owners in the district. She is looking to contribute by ensuring the right tools are available to the manager and team of the Wiri Business Association and to provide support channels enabling them to provide effective services for members. Being part of this team of board members and having this opportunity to contribute to the goals and direction of the association is motivating for Sandra, who hopes her energy for progression and growth will be of benefit.

Gregor Botha

Gregor arrived in New Zealand 11 years ago to manage a premix plant for Tegel Foods in Takanini and settled in South Auckland which he now considers home. He joined Mainfeeds just over 4 years ago and today oversees the feed mill in Wiri and a smaller mill in Levin.

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture from Pretoria University, Gregor subsequently gained experience at all levels of feed production, mainly for poultry. He has enjoyed 34 years in the global growth industry, and believes it was, and still is, a great career choice.

His involvement with the Wiri Business Association stems from his interest in the development and growth of the Wiri area over the last 10 years. Mainfeeds has a significant capital investment at Chonney Crescent, and a head office based in the South Island. Gregor considers networking with local businesses to influence local government on matters of mutual interest to be important.

Gregor is keen to see local talent developed to supply a viable selection of potential employees that can contribute to their own, as well as Mainfeeds and South Auckland’s success.

Teena Rhind
Adstaff Personnel

Teena is a Director of Adstaff Personnel Limited, a ‘Kiwi’ owned recruitment company based in South Auckland since 1963 (Adstaff was previously known as Advance Personnel Services Limited).

Starting her career in recruitment in 1992 with Drake International, Teena moved on to set up the Kelly Services branch in East Tamaki in 1995. From there she was contracted to work for Advance Personnel Services Ltd in 1998, where she eventually bought out the owners of the company.

Adstaff has been based in Ash Road, Wiri since 2005 and she has seen growth and expansion in the area which is great for local business, economy and the people who thrive here.

This is Teena’s second year of being involved with the Wiri Business Association Executive Board, and she is still very excited at the prospect of being involved. She hopes that she is able to offer advice and support to promote our growing area.



Richard is the Operations Manager for Auto Transform, a Wiri-based vehicle solutions business specialising in commercial and passenger vehicles as well as mobility enhancements.

As an employee of a family-owned and run business, Richard has a vested interest in the Wiri business district and wants to assist in the plan of the area to secure sustained growth. With expansion forecast, he also recognises the need to build on existing security, transportation networks and associated services to meet the expected needs of the district.

Originally from England, Richard spent nine years in Australia before moving to Auckland in 2014. During his career, Richard has worked in a variety of industries including printing, animal nutrition, pharmaceuticals and automotive, holding titles of Production, Site and Operations Manager along the way.

Richard lives in Auckland with his partner and two children who all enjoy the outdoors especially biking, camping, walking, kayaking and diving.

Associate Member Advisors

Murray Phillips
Insight CA

As a chartered accountant and business advisor to small businesses, large firms and multi-nationals for over 30 years, Murray offers fiscal stewardship and governance input to assist Wiri Business Improvement District to grow. He also holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing from Auckland University.

With forecast expansion for Wiri over the next few years, Murray aims to conduct workshops with other consultants to improve profitability of members’ businesses and ability to grow, which will also create more employment opportunities for the community.

Murray believes networking with the business community offers mutual benefits to all who want to be active and partake in what the association offers to its members.

Dave Pizzini
Manurewa Local Board

Dave is a self-employed private investigator in Manukau and former senior South Auckland police officer of 34 years, newly elected to the Manurewa Local Board. He is passionate about Manurewa and brings governance experience gained from serving on the New Zealand Police Association board for seven years.

Dave and his wife Julie have four children and have lived at The Gardens for 18 years. They are active members of St Elizabeth’s Anglican Church in Clendon. With strengths and interests that lie in sports, leisure and recreation, Dave is a great believer in making the most of sports and enjoying our parks. He is also keen to reduce crime, ensure community safety, and help to resolve traffic congestion issues.

The Manurewa Local Board is a solid supporter of the Wiri BID. They have ensured their Board Plan and Economic Development Plan align with the Wiri BID to enable business growth, employment opportunities and strategic partnerships with central and local government.